Samantha Godfrey Lead vocals

Samantha is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist living in Toronto, ON. She graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Music from McMaster University and enjoys singing in many languages. She has been performing professionally in and around the GTA for many years, especially with Country, Rock and Pop groups, and she is excited to add Candombe and Latin music to her repertoire. In her spare time she is a competitive runner and lover of fitness.

Carlos Anesetti  guitarist-composer

Since 1982, he has been involved in the Uruguayan community playing with numerous tango and candombe artists such as Lagrima Rios, Canario Luna and Olga Delgrossi. He had the opportunity to open shows for some of the most famous Uruguayan artists like Jaime Ross and Hugo Fattorusso. In 1990 co -founded Canada’s first candombe/rock band, Bando Sur in which he recorded 2 compilations projects for Maracas Productions and CBC. In 2007 he wrote and recorded a song for the Canadian-Uruguayan movie "14 days in paradise".
From 2012 he began to write original music for Solstyce.

Dylan Godfrey Bass

Dylan is a bass player residing in Toronto, Ontario. He graduated summa cum laude from York University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music. Dylan enjoys listening to and playing many styles of music like Rock and Roll, Country, and Latin. In his spare time, he enjoys attending concerts and sporting events.

Edgar Abril Saxophones, vocals

Edgar is a Colombian born multi-instrumentalist and composer currently living in Toronto. He plays the full family of the four saxes, lured by the instrument's nuances and expressive uniqueness.

These open the artistic doors for his performance of multiple music styles, fro classic to modern and specially jazz and latin.
His musical curiosity and talent have led him to explore other instruments adding the flute, congas and trumpet to his musical arsenal. He continues teaching music, freelancing as a soloist and instrumentalist in different groups, recording, and developing his personal music project focused on the music festivals around Canada

Sergio Faluotico Drumset and Percussion.
 Originally from Uruguay, Sergio is a drummer and percussionist with extensive career in South and North America. Sergio started his career in Montevideo, Uruguay where he studied with Jose Luis Perez. He played with the some of the most famous singers and bands in Uruguay such as Mateo, Urbano Moraes, Rumbos, Washington Carrasco, Cristina Fernandez, Laura Canoura , Raul Medina, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Silvia Roca, Nuevo Testamento until moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina. There he played and tour with The Supremes and later with The Platters. Won the Mapex international drum competition in 1990, which took him to Stanford University in California to study percussion with Billy Cobham, Zakir Hussain, Francisco Aquabella and George Marsh. In 1991 he won Pearl Drums international competition. He co -founded Canada’s first candombe/rock band, Bando Sur. In 2000 he recorded his solo CD; “Message From Mother Africa-Music for solo drumset”


Sergio Barboza Percussion, vocals

(b.1963 Montevideo, Uruguay) is a versatile percussionist, drummer, singer and educator based in Toronto, ON.
He has created a unique body of work that draws upon his extensive experience with Afro-Uruguayan drumming (Candombe), Samba, R & B and Pop music. He works across multiple musical genres, often at the same time.
Over the years he has performed with some of the most famous Uruguayan artists - Los Olimareños, Lagrima Rios, Larbanois Carrero, Daniel Marquez, Tomas Alcon, Waldemar "Cachila" SIlva and Eduardo Da Luz.
He was the previous musical director of Canbombe Uruguayo and Lonjas del Norte. 
As an educator he has given lectures and workshops at Humber College, University of Toronto and York University.